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Lyme, Morgellons & Parasites

Lyme Disease and its coinfections are often misdiagnosed as other ailments or syndromes, leading patients developing chronic symptoms or disease. A percentage of patients with Lyme disease exhibit skin symptoms associated with Borrelia dermatitis or Morgellons Disease.

We offer clinical and laboratory diagnosis for Lyme Disease, Morgellons, Parasites, and other infections, as well as offer a wide range of effective conventional and natural treatments, including anti-parasitics, antimicrobials, compounded medications, herbal formulas, nutritional supplements and supportive or enhancing therapies for healing regaining health.

For those with chronic infections or PTLDS, we know that it can be a long journey back to health and we are here to help you find the answers you are seeking and support you along the way.

Environmental Exposures, Mast Cell Activation & CIRS

Mold exposure or infections can trigger allergic reactions but also may lead to fungal infections, Mast Cell Activation and/ or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) in genetically susceptible individuals.


We offer both conventional and natural treatments, including mycotoxin/ biotoxin binding agents and nasal spray options to help restore health and resolve ongoing symptoms. 


If you or a loved one have been exposed to mold or mycotoxins and are experiencing symptoms, we can help by ordering the specific biomarkers, labs and/or genetic testing to confirm a diagnosis and establish a treatment for recovery, as well as help guide environmental assessment and remediation efforts.


Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia EDS & POTS

If you are searching for an underlying diagnosis or effective treatments to alleviate pain or improve fatigue, we are here to help you find answers and guide the way back to health, as many patients will report benefit from treatment of these underlying issues.

Many patients with a diagnosis of CFS, Fibromyalgia or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) meet criteria for CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) from exposure to various biotoxins, including Lyme Disease and Mold Exposure.

Although the condition can be multifactorial, some patients have genetic predispositions such as HLA susceptibilities, genetic SNPs or inherited connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). 

Thyroid, Autoimmune & Neurological Disorders

Autoimmune and thyroid disorders can present with various symptoms and conditions, and we can help guide your workup and treatment plan to create an individualized approach to your care. We offer natural and conventional treatment options and management of thyroid and various endocrine and autoimmune disorders.

We provide testing and resources to guide treatment for patients with  PANS/PANDAS and other neurological syndromes and autoimmune disorders. 


If you are still struggling with diagnosis or treatment of an autoimmune, neurological or endocrine disorder, we can help guide you on your health journey and look forward to working with you as part of your care team.

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How It Works

Schedule your doctor visits online through our website and communicate directly and securely with your doctor through our  patient communication portal. Visits are conducted virtually by phone or Zoom app using audio/video on any computer, tablet or cell phone. 

Lab testing can be ordered electronically and specialty testing kits for Lyme Disease, infections, parasites, mycotoxins & more are shipped to patients.


Our virtual practice is enrolled in e-prescribing to local and compounding pharmacies. We are partnered with Fullscript online ordering to provide fast and reliable delivery of professional-grade supplements at a 10% discount to our patients and customers.


Schedule a free 15 min phone consult or request to book your new patient appointment online.

A new patient virtual visit is usually 1-2.5 hours, and all visits are priced based on time spent during the visit ($300-325/ hour). 
We do not accept insurance coverage for the service we provide, but can provide coded service billing statements and orders for insurance reimbursement out-of-network.

After booking, your appointment time is confirmed and a link will be sent to connect at the time of your virtual visit.


A request for deposit, consent and medical intake forms will be sent to your e-mail. A deposit of $300 is required to secure virtual visits for new patients. 

You can also review and access consent forms online:

Records can be e-mailed, faxed or securely uploaded to Spruce Digital Care platform:

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