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Virtual Healthcare
When You Need It Most 

Providing Virtual Care & Telehealth to Patients in Oregon

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Naturopathic Care at your fingertips...
Virtual Care

Virtual patient visits are conducted virtually using video/audio on any computer, tablet or cell phone by downloading the mobile app: Zoom. 


Patients must be located in the state of Oregon at the time of a virtual visit or when receiving telehealthcare services. Please provide the location in Oregon that you will be during the time of the virtual visit if booking a visit.



After scheduling, please check your email for your booking confirmation and complete the requested intake and consent forms prior to your appointment. You can review our telehealth policies and privacy practices, sign consent forms and upload documents securely through Dayly Wellness' online Intake portal: IntakeQ

We offer our patients a wide variety of lab testing and treatment options. Please prepare to discuss options for testing and treatment during your visit.

ab results are reviewed during follow up visits only, so please schedule a visit to review lab or imaging  results, treatment progress or to follow up on your care plan. All new prescriptions, refills, lab orders, changes or additions to treatment plans, review of symptoms or treatment responses require a virtual visit for proper management of ongoing care.

We offer easy online ordering for supplements to provide fast and reliable delivery of professional-grade supplements to our patients and customers. Browse our favorite supplements, receive personalized product recommendations & order online from Fullscript.








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Dayly Wellness does not bill insurance for virtual care. Dr. Courtney Day is an out-of-network provider with all insurance plans. We are not a provider for patients with OHP and cannot bill services to Medicare.


A non-refundable deposit is collected to secure new patient appointments upon booking. After visit superbills are available to patients with out-of-network insurance benefits for reimbursement upon request. Please check with your insurance to verify any out-of-network benefits for naturopathic care. 

We accept payment in the form of credit, debit and electronic ACH transfer through Square payment processing. Visit fees are collected upon scheduling in Intake Q and processed the day prior to your visit. 

In accordance with the No Surprises Act, you are entitled to a good faith estimate that outlines the expected costs of services with us. Please contact us and provide your full name and email in order to request a good faith estimate.

Responsive. Compassionate. Care.

Patient Reviews

Patient Stories

“Dr. Day has been wonderful to work with during my treatment journey with late stage Borreliosis (both Borrelia burgdorferi, aka Lyme, and Borrelia hermsii, a Lyme like relapsing fever), Bartonella and Morgellons. She really listens to me and works with me to determine the best treatment that I can afford. It's a joy to work with Dr Day. She's very experienced in treating tick borne infections. She's always learning more about treatment options. She takes Morgellons seriously. I've improved GREATLY under her care and expertise. I'd be lost without her! I always recommend her to others needing tick borne infection treatment.”

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